I have a lifelong love of the written word. Books have been my closest companions throughout my life, and I enjoy the challenge of finding just the right way to express an idea.

I studied Creative Writing at the University of Arizona, and while there also picked up a second major in English Literature (because, why not?). While at the U of A, I worked at an awesome tutoring center called SALT on campus where I helped tutor students with learning disabilities in a variety of subjects, but mainly in writing composition and communications. Later on, I gained my Master’s degree in English from California State University-Fullerton, where I also studied composition and rhetoric, trained to be an English teacher and tutor, and tutored students in the campus writing center. I taught composition to college level students for a time, then moved into a career in communications and marketing, where I was able to practice my writing daily in projects ranging from newsletter articles, to press releases, to website copy, and more.

Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves, and to me what is most important when working on a creative or professional project is discovering and adhering to the “voice” of what that project calls for. While I pride myself on my writing skills, I also know how to use my skills for your project – in other words, I am a professional and won’t turn into a touchy “artist” when you ask me to make edits. All good writing needs editing. Anne Lamott put it best in Bird by Bird when she wrote about “shitty first drafts,” and the fact that “All good writers write them. This is how they end up with good second drafts and terrific third drafts.” That means I will be working on my writing before sending it to you – you will get no first drafts from me! – and I will happily engage with all of your input to get to a final draft that fully expresses your ideas.

Writing samples available on request.

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